Friday, June 25, 2010

Eat Brains, High School!!

They come in noisy herds. They appear in buzzing droves, poised to consume. You swat them away but they endlessly assault your senses, no matter what you do.
I wish I was referring to gay people but gay people are more respectable than the actual topic I'm writing about: teenagers

They assault my senses with their ignorance; nobody tells them what life is about beyond puberty, beyond grades, and beyond the school campus.

Granted, sure, these regrettably immature droves of surging hormones haven't done anything to me but I am this close to plotting a mass homicide against them.

Yesterday, I walked toward the local bookstore that sells secondhand books and magazines. Bookworm heaven. There are round metal tables and wicker chairs, and the place serves snacks and lunch. It is a peaceful haven of bookshelves where one can be quiet enough to hear another person's cells dividing

Then the clock struck 4pm, and before I knew it, these high school students buzz in carelessly in loud voices, talking about superficial drama. Barely past the 5-minute mark, and the bookstore turns into a friggin' Starbucks.

Teenagers fill up the bookstore. Some are eating and drinking, stuck in yatata, some talking to their cellphones obnoxiously loud ("yes, I'm at the bookstore... YEAH, I'm at the bookstore. I'm at the bookstore with my friends!"), some strumming their guitars in the middle of their conversation- as if they'd mistaken the place for a club, some are socializing and acknowledging each other ("Hey friendshiiiip!", "Nice meeting you- hey, what's my name? Do you remember?"), and some of them kill time by primping with their beauty kit and talking about their hair for ten minutes.

I ultimately stood out among the sea of polos and plaid skirts: I was wearing my favorite hat with bunny ears and my arms were brimming with novels and autobiographies. And guess what, my table was the only table stacked with books. I am at hair's width to attacking the girl two shelves away playing terrible music with her MP3 player.

I am thankful that I get easily bored with conversations regarding boys and beauty tips.


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