Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Noynoy, Oh Noynoy.

New members of the cabinet announced? Check.

Foreign dignitaries invitation? Check.

Yellow rain, yellow posters, yellow everything? Check.

Filipino artist to sing the National Anthem? Check.

Though Noynoy wasn't in my radar during the entire period of the elections, I do wish him well. And I hope his haters will suffer in hell by being labeled as "abnormal" and "mentally disturbed" and hung upside-down in straitjackets above the fires of the devil.

Noynoy has been criticised for lacking charisma. What the hell has charisma ever done for the country? Erap had charisma. Hitler had charisma. Obama has charisma and I don't see him doing any ass-kicking for that oil spill at the Gulf. I don't need to tell you where this conversation is going. Draw your conclusions. Just don't draw it from the well of ignorance.

The country is in shambles and people are talking about charisma.

I love that Charice Pempengco stayed true to the melody and tempo of our National Anthem. Unlike Arnel Pineda and those other musician douchebags who think that the anthem of the country is just another song that needs their own personal twist for the sake that they turned the song as their own. I've got news: you are singing to represent your country, not to bag the thing as your solo concert.

I feel sorry for Charice though. She had to wear that awful yellow gown.

I wish you well, Noynoy.

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