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And The CBCP Goes MOOOO...

Bishops to formulate 'alternative' sex education for students

After urging President Benigno Aquino III to shun the "contraceptive mentality" in the government's sex education program, Catholic bishops are considering "alternative" sex education modules for pupils in public schools.

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines said it is studying the Department of Education's sex-ed modules and come out with its own version.

“We are seriously reviewing them and we will consult our consultants so that we can also present our own alternative modules," Archbishop Paciano Aniceto, head of the CBCP’s Commission on Family and Life, said in an article posted Tuesday on the CBCP newssite.

Last Sunday, some 90 prelates met with Education Secretary Armin Luistro to tackle the sex education program in public elementary and high schools.

While the bishops clarified they are not against sex education itself, they said it should be given by the right person and does not promote birth control or contraceptives.

“It’s not against sex education as long as it is given by the right person in the right way, the right objective and methodology," said Aniceto.

“That’s why it’s not true that we are against sex education. It’s just that the Church has its own principles on how to properly form the mentality of the youth," he added.

Earlier, the CBCP called on President Aquino to reject what it considered as a "contraceptive mentality," saying sex education must deal not merely with knowledge and skills but also promote proper values.

The CBCP said there is no change in the Catholic Church's stand on sex education and reproductive health bills.

It maintained human life starts at conception, and conception takes place at the fertilization
of the egg by the sperm.

"Human life is a gift of God and has to be respected and protected from conception till natural death. The Church is always concerned with the poor, and the many church institutions and groups that help the poor bear this out," it said.

"Poverty cannot be solved by promoting contraceptive education and programs. Education does not merely deal with knowledge and skills; rather it must promote values that are inherent to us as Filipinos. Parents have the primary right to educate their children and sex
education is properly to be done in the family," it added.

The bishops also reminded Aquino of his inaugural speech where he declared that he will listen more to the people because “kayo ang boss ko (you are my boss)." - RJAB Jr., GMANews.TV


This is such buuuuuuulltish.

First of all, the CBCP have no friggin' idea what they're talking about. At the back of their heads, they imagine the Reproductive Health bill as something that would make turn us into nymphomaniacs and breed like rabbits.
Second, CBCP aren't exactly the right people to even oppose this because they practice celibacy and pedophilia (KA-POW!!). Since most CBCP reps don't have families, they DON'T have the FAINTEST idea how challenging and difficult it is to raise a child, much less an entire family. (I have an inkling that one or two of them have families. They might have an idea but I'm positive they love their religious position too much to even acknowledge it.)
Third, the female population is at the most disadvantage with your prejudiced and medieval way of thinking. Women, after all, are the recepticles of men's seeds, which means that-duh- pregnancy is a huge responsibility that some of us aren't ready for.
Fourth- Has it ever occured to the CBCP cretins that some couples have sex for the pleasure of it, and not for the procreation??
And fifth, as if they have the poor's interest at heart. They don't know what it's like to be poor, to have no property, to have 5 children they can barely send to a decent school and to have limited resources.
We dare you guys to give 30 percent of your salary to the poor and pay your taxes. PERIOD.
Sixth, stop meddling in political affairs. If you are sooo against this, touch base with your followers and not with lawmakers.

I challenge all representatives of CBCP to go to the poorest of the poor, the stenchiest of the stench and the lowest of the low and see how families in poverty are unable to support and educate their children. I want those representatives to go by foot and see how overpopulation affects their lives and the country's surroundings. True, it's not the children's fault, seeing as they're all just trying to survive and their own parents can't even sustain themselves.

Sexual urges are natural and if CBCPs ever eavesdrop in a typical high school conversation, it's peppered with gossip, news, studies, peer pressure and oh, SEX. Surprise!! Tweens and teens aren't as innocent as you thought!!

I've done research about abortion and teen pregnancies for a school project and one of the main reasons why teens get pregnant is because of a.)their conservative upbringing which means their family will think it's unthinkable to even educate their children about sex-much less, mention the idea, b.) they've been brought up with false facts or myths about sex and pregnancy and/or c.) their religious upbringing has brought the idea to their heads that they must remain pure until marriage, which is a friggin' long shot once they're past puberty because, hey, nobody told them about sexual urges. Rape is another story.

Final note: stop bullying our President to follow your agendas that will do no good to the country.

And now, some comments I've collected from national online news regarding this issue:

Uh YEAH. Having more mouths to feed isn't going to make anyone richer, and everyone knows that the the Catholic contraceptive methods don't work. Please Catholic Church, guarentee more poverty in the Philipines for your own distorted world view, you are morally repugnant. -HHMars

I believe and will always stand that the Church and the Government should always be separate and each one should have great distance between them.
Church should team morals and value in the the practicing active members. (MORAL)
Government should uphold its target for economic growth and sustain it, part of it is having a practical plan for the population. (LOGICAL)
It is for the common good and survival of the Philippine race.
Let the church push their morals in their confines. Let the govt push their plans and enact to save the dying economy and the starving people. -Severino

Bayad muna sila ng buwis bago maghimasok sa gobyerno -Gerry Baldomero

cbcp are morons, values or not, the philippines needs to have its population controlled. if people, especially those with no access to education cannot help themselves then they must realize that to use condoms is cheaper than to play the roulette of conception from mere withdrawal or rhythm methods -abnera

Priests, pastors, bishops and cardinals should stop meddling in politics. They should just confine themselves to religious and theological agendas. This is the reason why Filipino mentality is still in the Spanish era. Rizal gave his life for this reason and now the only difference is the priests are now Filipinos instead of Spaniards. Pastors and priests should leave politicking to the politicians. The Philippines needs to get out of this religious meddling.
I don't know why the bishops and cardinals in the Philippines are trying to get involve in politics. They should just confine themselves on their theological and religious agenda and leave politicking to the politicians. Here in the US you can hardly hear religious personality get involve in politics, that is why the US is progressive. I am tired of hearing priests and pastors telling government officials what they should do like they really know what should be done. Come on guys, give the Filipinos a break. -Bodtojan

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