Tuesday, July 20, 2010


There's much to be said about public transportation.

First of all, what you ride is sometimes out of your control. Such as the LRT line 1 that smells like a public toilet on numerous occasions. I cannot decipher how LRT 1 can smell like urine. LRT line 2 and MRT barely have any repugnant smell save for the body odor and flatulence emanated by some passengers. LRT 1 has questionable sources of its stench. Never mind that the safety handles and rails collect grease and a month's worth of sweat and oil. The distinct smell of public toilets in public transportation makes you wonder if the convenience of taking the train over a taxi is worth the ordeal.

Nobody wants to ride in a rolling steel of smell just because they have no choice. Lack of cleanliness and maintenance that is paid for by the public's hard-earned money will say a lot about how our money is budgeted and allocated.

Hold your breath and step in the train.

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