Thursday, July 22, 2010

How I Roll

When I'm writing articles, my background music must be a Disney soundtrack.
So it's not everyday someone's writing web content that involves chemistry degrees to the soundtrack of Lion King. ("Oh, I just can't wait to be kiiiiing!")

When I'm writing, I have no intention of eating a proper meal and I despise chores that get in the way.

Speaking of writing, the person I'm writing for hasn't been replying to any of my emails and hasn't gone online on YM, which worries me. I'm coming up with some pretty unusual excuses in my head. He might've been run over by a herd of water buffalos. Or his laptop ran out on him. Or he spontaneously decided to go on a well-deserved honeymoon with his wife in coast of Thailand. Arrrrrgggh.

Still, I must be resilient and continue pounding on the keyboards.


  1. OH NOES! What could this mean?! Death of the sideline? NOOOO!!!!!

  2. LOL. This made me ROFL. Sana wag naman!! I just chatted with the dude a few days ago!

  3. So where you able to contact him again? :D


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