Monday, July 5, 2010

I Should Be Working But...

I should be finishing up my articles, but I decided to squeeze in a little blogging time.

Yesterday, as part of my sister's coursework in English, she must manage to drag two people along with her to the Ayala Museum so all three of us could write a reaction paper about it. Seriously, if her teacher is going to give out a project that involves introverts being pushed into such a public place, we victims must be paid a princely sum.

I didn't mind since I have been curious about the museum for quite some time now.

So four of us, Twishie, my bro, Wapoy, and my bunny hat commuted to the Ayala Museum, which was thankfully airconditioned. Not to mention classy. And architecturally simple and modern. We went to "The Gold Of Our Ancestors" first.

And it was literally about the gold of our ancestors. My brother mooed, "goooooold."
Twishie's question was, "is this REAL gold?" I excitedly said, "old-school blings!"

No, it's all phony gold for display purposes. The real thing's at some hidden warehouse.

I was most shocked by the chastity covers made of friggin' gold.

After getting dizzy from seeing so much gold, we went to the art gallery to look at paintings. There was one painting entitled "Orchid" to which I exclaimed had a close resemblance to the female genitalia. Twish and Wapoy did not react favorably to my comment. I did like the "La Traviata" and "Majayjay Church."

My mind was boggled from the sensory and information overload that by the time we got to the Diorama Experience, I was close to combusting. 53 dioramas! When I got to the 30th diorama, I thought someone would have to clean up my brain bits from the floor.

Though it helps that there were hotties going around with their sketchbooks.

Special thanks to Wapoy who helped us find the place.

And now to continue with my articles and submit them to my editor.

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  1. Hey there! Your welcome, thanks for inviting me to come with you guys, wohoo! :D

    Damn, 60 dioramas is too much... @.@


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