Thursday, July 22, 2010


Watched Inception with a good friend I haven't seen for an entire year! We decided to watch the movie and see what the fuss was all about.

My friend couldn't understand the movie. I managed to catch up. The thing with Inception is that for me to understand what was happening with one scene, I have to wait for the next scene to come up. Kind of like a puzzle. Some of the scenes made me dizzy.

The ending made the entire audience freak out.

I couldn't tell if the movie was overrated or it's just me.

On the upside... I heart Josh Gordon Levitt!! I loved him in "500 Days of Summer" and he's just so friggin' sexeh as Arthur in Inception!

Arthur: Quick, kiss me!

(Ariadne kisses him.)

Ariadne: They're still looking at us.

Arthur: It was worth a shot.

Smooth. Real smooth. LOL. I wish I was Ariadne at that moment.

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