Thursday, July 29, 2010


While buying a snack at a stall that sells products with carabao milk, there was a young woman, tall, with no make-up and her hair obviously doing its own thing without a stylist.

But OMG, she looked fantastic.

Beside her, I'd look like an experimental creation of Hades. It's moments like these my self-esteem plummets and I feel less like a human being and more of a hybrid of sorts. Skinny arms there, skinny legs here, insignificant chest and a booty that hip-hop artists wouldn't even rap about unless they'll alter the lyrics to compare me to an ironing board.

My mom tells me I'm beautiful. What mother wants to hear that her child is a combination of aesthestically inferior genetic design??


Twilight Quote Pictures, Images and Photos

Ah. This is perfect for those annoying fangirls swarming in droves, claiming that people don't understand Twilight and saying it's more mature compared to Harry Potter.

Excuse me. Suicide attempts and bestiality is not my idea of "mature" romance. Twilight romance is even more idiotic than Romeo and Juliet. Christ. Then again, I don't mind if all the fangirls attempt Bella's way of dealing with heartbreak- get yourself in a motorcycle accident and/or jump off cliff and drown your misery in the ocean! There's gotta be one less lonely fangirl!

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