Friday, July 2, 2010

Musical Dorm!

I live in a relatively expensive dorm. No curfew, fortunately and people take care of your needs here. What's particularly lovely about this dorm is that music students come and go. There's used to be someone down the hall who sings classical songs and is usually up at the break of dawn to warm up his voice. There used to be someone upstairs who'd practice playing beautiful pieces on his piano.

My next political drama will be posted soon.


  1. What happened to the old layout? And, and, and the shoutbox?! *schnüffeln*

    Well anyhow... Wow! I haven't met these music students yet, that is certainly awesome,wohoo! :D

  2. Oh! BTW, what happened to Filipina Chick? :P

  3. i killed her. :P nah, decided to change that one too.

  4. Did she stole your future when she took him away? @.@

    Well she's alive in the chat box though, wee!


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