Thursday, July 8, 2010

P. Noy, Binay and The Coconut Palace

I can't understand why people criticize our president and his VP for choosing unconventional official residences.

I mean, if I had that kind of freedom to choose where to live and where to work, I'd definitely pick someplace where I'm most comfortable and accessible. It's not because I'm being high and mighty, but because my work will require long-term commitment and involvement of my people. And that means I want my environment to induce a relationship with fellowmen without the negative vibes and formality. And don't give me crap about the "security" of the president being at stake. Most Filipinos are too busy trying to survive, watching Wowowee and gossiping to even think about an attempt to kill the president.

And if there are plans to murder the president, we Filipinos thrive so much on rumors and intrigue that the plan will come out sooner than expected that it will spoil the whole thing.

It's culturally embedded in Filipinos that we are more likely to open up to someone who treats us like friends than someone who treats us like employees. It is easier to trust someone who knows what we've been going through than someone who expects special treatment just because they got top seats at the government.

Some people think that the Malacanang is the best place for the president to be in. After all, that's where most presidents have been living for the past decades. To those critics: shut up. You've never lived in a life filled with politics nor do you know what life is like inside the palace. Get off your high horses.

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