Friday, July 2, 2010

Realizations: Wang-wang!

1.)So let me get this straight, our new president refuses to live in MalacaNang palace, he prefers to use his own car to using the traditional presidential ride, he refuses to use a siren for his travels and wants to obey traffic regulations. In other words, no special treatment...OMG, it's the dawn of a new era!!

And for everyone criticizing the president for smoking, GET YOUR LIVES STRAIGHTENED UP FIRST.

Hitler was a religious man, and he was a vegetarian but what good did his lifestyle translate to his country and fellowmen in the past??! If the president decides to quit smoking, he eventually will. But if he wants to hold on to that nasty habit, stop imposing your "moral values" on him. Just hope that the next president has much sense as he does and his smoking habit will be the least of your worries. Douchebags.

2.) It is only a theory, but I think the reason why our country is so poor is that we have too much time in our hands and we lack challenge as a whole. I mean, look at Edsa 2. But one can't exactly go around shooting good people just to motivate the country to actually stand on its ground and fight for a common good.


  1. Agree with number 2, so much time, so little motivation, hay...

  2. maybe if more people had hobbies, the country would be a better place.


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