Tuesday, July 27, 2010

SONArific and Smokers

Aside from the fashion filipiniana parade and Manny Pacquiao's posse, I must admit that exposing the dirty laundry of the Arroyo administration is a good stepping stone for better governance. Some people who had no idea what was the point of exposing the dirty laundry.

I shall put it in layman's terms. When you are weeding, you pull up the roots of the weed to completely get rid of it.

It's pretty clear that everything is running amok (during Arroyo's admin) with how the public coffers were spent. What awes me is how they manage to cover everything up. Why so much excess rice wasted? How did our money go to those executives of WMSS?

Oh, to Pres. Noynoy's credit, he made it to plenary hall just in time without the wang-wang.

Keep up the good work!

I am an avid advocate of the anti-smoking campaign and DOH has launched this anti-smoking drive. You can now report violators of the anti-smoking law via text.

All you have to do is NOSI (means "No to Yosi") to 2256. This number covers Smart, Globe and Sun subscribers.

However, before you rat out the smoker, keep in mind that you have to take note of:
  • time and date of the incident.
  • what establishment or plate number of the public vehicle.
  • address of the establishment or route of the public vehicle.
  • And if possible, take a picture or video of the violator doing the deed.

Smokers have their right to inhale unspeakable components in their lungs. Non-smokers have a right to clean air.

I never understood the point of smoking areas in some establishments. Anyplace that has a smoker or a smoker's area is, like, ineffective.

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And to those idiots still criticizing Pres. Noynoy of his smoking habit, get a life. He is a polite smoker who follows the anti-smoking law. If he wants to quit, that's his prerogative.



Why is Eclipse going on its fourth week in cinemas???!!

It's just a movie involving a sparkling vampire, a boring town hick and a werewolf who's allergic to t-shirts!!!

I don't regret reading the entire Twilight saga. It's just sad that tweens and teens are ravaging mad for cinemas to watch this crap.

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  1. Woooh!! I like that anti-smoking campaign. Haven't been keeping tabs on the news lately. I love that "because tobacco will kill you, motherfucker!" strip, will probably share that on my blog as well. :D


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