Friday, July 23, 2010

Turn around and switch!

Today, I decided to clean the tank of my two hermit crabs. When I took them out, I noticed they had switched shells. I could tell because Fuego is smaller, darker, compared to his companion Houdini, who's bulkier and leans toward the reddish-orange hue.

Fuego has a shell painted to look like a lady bug's shell. Houdini's original shell is painted orange with colorful swirly patterns. I guess it was out of boredom they decided to exchange properties or something.

It was an amusing surprise. The lady who sold me those hermit crabs did tell me about this habit. Fuego and Houdini have been with me since November (or was October?) and they haven't exchanged shells until now.


  1. I believe they just imitated how the other one looked like and did some crazy illusion with their appearances... A process known as crabbing... YOU'VE BEEN CRABBED! o.o


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