Saturday, August 14, 2010


So I'm at Dagupan City, just bumming. I suddenly miss Manila though so I'm tempted to jump on the next bus to Manila.

Truth is, there are lots of things I have to do in Manila and I am just itchin' to finish them up.

Yesterday, I surfed the net at my fave cafe' where they had kick-ass wi-fi (too bad they charge 25 pesos for an hour you charge your laptop). Then I had a quick dinner at Cafe' du Marc.

And I saw my nose doctor!!

Ok, I call him my nose doctor because most of the time, I visit him when my severe allergic rhinitis starts beating the shit out of me and he always checks out what's happening in my nasal passages before he figures out what kind of medication I need. He's one of my favorite doctors because he really knows what he's doing, he's quite patient and approachable, and he's incredibly HOT.

He's married, you triviaheads. But that doesn't make him less hunky and it's mortifying everytime he sees all the mucus blockage from my severe rhinitis.

He was just a yard away on his own table. I took the opportunity to greet him and ask how he was doing,

The man literally jumped up when he recognized me. I don't know if it's because I shocked him or it's one of those old-school gentlemanly ways of greeting a lady at a dinner. Take your pick. He was alone and was picking up a take-out for dinner. He asked if I was working, and all that small-talk thing and he says I've slimmed down.

OMGWTFBBQ! Someone tells me in a positive connotation that I'm skinny!! I love this world.
Coz most of the time, people raise an eyebrow at me and ask me if I'm sick. Jeezus.

Then I told him I'm just gonna patronize the store that sold fake DVDs next door. He said it's good that I'm giving them business. LOLwut. Then he told me to take care and be careful coz it was raining.

That's why he's my doctor. He's still a doctor inside and outside the clinic. Bahaha!

I'ma shut up now and get a life. Then open a bank account.

I love the laidback atmosphere here.

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