Sunday, September 5, 2010

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

While members of the police special forces group exhibit what real rescue is about after the Mendoza incident, I could not help but be appalled at the Interior Undersecretary Rico E. Puno for his extremely lax attitude at the duration of the hostage-taking.

Then again, what would you expect from someone who hasn't had training in hostage situations. On top of that, this total newb totally relied on Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim's strategy: let the man grow bored and hungry of the whole thing and let's have lunch.

Apparently, crazy people take a bus full of tourists hostage for their own petty amusement. Kids grow bored and hungry. When that happens, they go off and to look for something to eat and/or something to play with. The Mayor should've invited Mendoza to lunch instead of Magtibay.

Seriously, a bus full of Hong Kong nationals with an armed former policeman who's obviously more than mentally disturbed and it didn't occur to Puno that the situation would become a national crisis? Has brain drain totally ravaged the country of common sense? Puno may as well join the ranks of those idiots who claim that Venus Raj failed to answer William Baldwin's question because the crisis distracted her neural synapses.

As much as I want Puno to take full responsibility for the whole kibitz, we really can't dump the whole blame on him. Appointing an inexperienced officer to oversee PNP activities is like hiring a clueless high school graduate to oversee operations of a nationwide bank. Or fast food chain.

The Philippine National Police did their best that day? THAT was their BEST? I am shocked. That was absolutely near the borderline of best! If that was their best, I should pack my bags and migrate to Serbia.
No one did their best.
No one stepped up and showed the world that the lives of those Hong Kong nationals were a number one priority.
The sad realization- as everyone witnessed- is that nobody even tried, starting from Mayor Alfredo Lim, to the awkward, untrained members of SWAT.

So nobody better give me crap on how they did their "best". I think they gave their worst. And guddamit, nobody better justify Mayor Lim's hunger for Chinese food that day. I could throw fortune cookies at him.

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