Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Teh Wierd Ting Called "Lyf."

To get to school all the way from Katipunan, I have to take the LRT line to Recto and the other line to Vito Cruz. Being my spectacularly lethargic self, I rolled out of bed and arrived at D. Jose Station where other rush hour commuters swarmed the platform.

I am the type of person who's not particularly crazy about cramming oneself in a tram of sardined commuters so I usually let the "roaches" (the term I use for commuters who must squeeze themselves in the tram at all cost even when the place is totally packed with no more breathing room. Cockroaches can squeeze in holes as thin as the width of a coin.) go ahead and make themselves into sandwiches.

After unsuccessful attempts to even get close enough to the train, I noticed this guy beside me wearing Benilde's PE shirt.

Okay, I notice a lot of guys who commute who wear the effin' shirt but this one was particularly interesting. Because:
a.) it's morning and usually the first subjects in Benilde start at 8am.
b.) he wasn't bad-looking and wore glasses.
c.) he seemed pretty approachable.

My opening line: "Taga-Benilde ka 'rin?"

Thank God he wasn't one to attempt to get off a conversation with a random stranger. I don't know if he found it odd or anything but he was totally a hundred percent cool about it.

I can safely say I have a new friend. We tight, y'all. We tight. LOL. He calls me "Ate" because I am older- though he's almost taller than I am.

More Algebra stuff!

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