Friday, October 1, 2010

I Has A Happy

A friend recently asked me if I'm happy with Benilde.

Of course I am!

I know there are people who think that Benilde is a place of DLSU rejects or just a school for college rejects in general but who are they to point this out? Benilde is one of those schools that cater to creative interest that doesn't solely focus on academics while maintaining its learner-centered methods. Some people point out the students are lazy, stupid, and unwilling to learn.
Can someone tell me what school doesn't have a hooligan who just goes to school to socialize? The teachers are brilliant here. They can tell if a student has just another way of learning.

It's a school for rich kids, they say. Yes, it's an expensive institution, but unlike other universities, you know that your money is actually well-spent. From the tuition, facilities, technology, miscellaneous, and security, it is worth it. You can see where and how the money was alloted. Just because someone can study in Benilde doesn't mean they're rich. Some of us are just mildly well-off with parents working the extra mile just to place us in this school.

Others say this school is where the beautiful people go to.

I won't argue with that. Teehee.

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