Monday, January 31, 2011

This is what I think about the "tighter security measures" in LRT.

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Especially when you wake up EXTRA early, just to spend 30 minutes standing in line outside the LRT station. And you know what's changed about inspection? They don't use those wooden, poking sticks anymore to go through your stuff. They simply use their gloved hands.

I'm a bit tetchy about someone's hands going through my bag after they've gone through someone else's stuff.

Yeah, sure, make us suffer standing in line until a terrorist decides that a crowded three-mile long queue is an excellent place for his next plot. Harharhar.


  1. My thoughts exactly... Hurr... STUPID TERRORISTS!!! >:(

  2. I have to roll out of bed at the break of dawn all because of a friggin' terroriiiist. X(

  3. Hurr... I know right... IT SUCKS!!! @.@


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