Thursday, May 31, 2012

Because friendship. And stuff.

  Finally got the sweater from Wina- which is also a birthday gift. And I am very HAPPY with my new sweater because it's perfect for the rainy weather. THANK YOU WINA I LOVE IT

Because I had so much free time, I decided to try it on. It's simple, it's comfy, and you can accessorize with whatever with it. And I love the fact that the fabric is made of multi-colored threads. Heee.

Olivia also gave me a belated birthday present. Something she made herself. And I'm a sucker for handmade stuff. A bracelet made of buttons! IT'S SO CUTE. I love having artistic friends. I wore the bracelet today. I am saving the sweater for another day because it was really warm when I got ready for school. Hopefully I can pair the bracelet and sweater next time. THANKS OLIVIA

And now to prepare a very late lunch.

P.S. New profile picture, courtesy of Lorri. What boredom does. :D


  1. So happy that you liked it Joelle!!!! :D :D :D IT LOOKS SO GOOD ON YOU! :D


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