Saturday, June 2, 2012

Accessories I have to organize and my new current obsession.

  I have to be honest. I am currently addicted to Pinterest.
 At first, I was iffy with the whole idea of a virtual pinboard because- hello, Tumblr- but I thought, "hey it wouldn't hurt to try it out."
 I actually had my Pinterest account for a few months now but I didn't bother fixing it up yet. Until recently.
 I can't quite put my finger on the addictive factor of Pinterest.


 Yesterday, Angie was giving away accessories that she wasn't using anymore. She didn't have the heart to give the stuff just to anyone and didn't have the time to sell them. She already picked out accessories for Lorri and Ysa (I believe she had some stuff for Blanche too) so she asked me just to get the ones I like.

 I ended up cleaning out half of the lot she had put aside. So here are a few of my favorite things that I "looted" from her pile. She's used most of them when she was in high school and in her early years in college.
I thought I'd have a hard time matching this necklace with my outfits but Angie said it nearly goes with any outfit and gives it an edgy, rocker-chick feel.

A necklace that's never been used. Given to Angie by a relative  if I remember correctly.

A really pretty ring Angie used to wear all the time.

Apparently, the earrings on the left are made of real silver.

 Also, I got this:
 It's actually a keychain. I called it Torchick. And it is happy to have me as her owner. She's a bit bitchy, especially to Raph. Torchick likes to sing a lot and make up songs about anything. My new companion. Angie and the rest agreed that Torchick MIGHT get along with Fred (Ysa's bunny).

 This is Denta-Bug. It's a ladybug-shaped toothbrush container that you can stick on the bathroom wall (or wherever you keep a toothbrush nearby). Denta-Bug likes to sing songs about dental hygiene and constantly reminds you to floss.

 For the record, I haven't used Denta-Bug for the purpose she's made for. Denta-Bug is still in my bag, hoping to find another human being to remind them to scrub their tongue and brush their teeth daily and visit their dentist once a year. She annoys the hell out of Raph too.

Accessories other friends have given me:
 This cool hipster-ish necklace was given to me by Lorri, who bought it a flea market. Cool, yeah?

 A late Christmas present from Raph. I love it BECAUSE FEATHERS.


  1. everything is beautiful! :) esp raphs gift ;) spot-on methinks!

  2. Just a correction. Not from a relative, I bought it XD


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