Saturday, June 16, 2012

Another Psychotic Hatred of Mine: Litter and Litterbugs

   It baffles me most of the time the amount of litter we have around the streets. I don't think a lot of people are aware that how you dispose of your litter says a lot about how you regard your community, surroundings or environment. For me, littering is not just a pet peeve- I have great, borderline-psychotic hatred for it. I don't give a rat's ass if you recycle or if you have solar panels installed in your roof. If you just throw your junk, wrapper or what have you somewhere NOT in a trash can/ garbage bag, I will torture you inside my mind.

I have great respect for these people.
   Really? Is it that hard to hold on to your trash until you find a trash can? I remember when when I was still living in Katipunan. On my way to National Bookstore, there was this Korean who just blatantly threw his Slushie (Slushee?) cup on the side of the road and kept walking. And there was a garbage container just a few feet away from where I was standing. My mind was just raging like:

 Why?? We human beings possess this magnificent thing called the brain which helps us in all aspects of awareness our lives when we make decisions and measuring pros and cons but it seems like some of us are evolving in reverse.

There was also this one time when my mom and I were eating at Jollibee. We saw a man come in with his daughter. They had their orders to go and we were appalled that he let the little girl take plastic straws by a bundle. Presumably she got them for the drinks (they had what- 5 drinks?) and the rest she's gonna play with the straws and  she's probably gonna lose them along the way. Her dad didn't even stop her as she took more than they needed and even dropped a few of them on their way out.

 And I had a schoolmate who said that he doesn't feel bad about throwing his trash around.

Is it because you're fucking lazy to pick up after yourself just because you know there are people hired to pick up after you? Or are you just fucking retarded? Do you think the environment revolves around you??
To litterbugs: judging you.

 For me, littering shows your detachment or apathy from your environment: plastic bags, straws, cigarette butts, junk food wrappers, gum, plastic bottles, barbecue sticks, etc.
  I mean, think about it. You know you live in a dry-wet climate. We're susceptible to floods. You know that to at least minimize the impact of floods, the ditches and drainage systems must be clear of any debris or else  the flood gets bad. When streets are flooded, there's traffic or people can't go to work. When people can't go to work, there's a huge delay in everyone's contribution to work and people have to work overtime or make up the work missed in additional working days. This wastes time. And it messes up the people and the economy. In terms of health, you're attracting cockroaches and rats out in the streets. Littering encourages an unhealthy mentality in people.

 People underestimate the influence of clean surroundings.

You owe it to yourself and your community to keep your trash and dispose it properly. You know why? Because you have a responsibility to your environment. If you smoke, at least have the decency to throw your cigarette butts in a trash can. If you want to eat at a fastfood chain, at least try to have more dine-ins than take-outs. For pete's sake don't throw it in the gutter, or the street, or the ocean.

 When Pasig River was cleaned up a few years ago, plastic straws was one of the biggest contributing pollutant. Think about that.

 Apart from the fact that accumulation of litter is unsightly, unhealthy, and fucks Mother Nature up, if you litter in your own country, there's a good chance you'll carry that habit of ignorance around anywhere you go. Except probably Singapore. Coz they'll fine your ass like there's no tomorrow.

End rant.

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