Thursday, June 28, 2012

Redefining Apathy

    A week ago, in religion class, the prof picked me-against my will- to become one of the group leaders for an activity she was going to assign to each group.

   After the groupings, each group was assigned to do a creative presentation for the topic assigned to us. My group got the topic on "Apathy."

UGH. I'd do anything to get out of doing anything in that class.

 "My group is supposed to report about apathy affecting social issues but I don't caaaaaare." I lamented to Raph the other day (and he was laughing).

 On the upside, I decided to search for a video related to the topic (thank you, YouTube) and good stuff came up. Mainly, this one:

Dave Meslin is a Toronto-based "community choreographer." He is awesomesauce and his ideas are relevant to the situation in the Philippines.

 What particularly struck me about this video is that he wants us to redefine apathy. It's not that people don't care- people do care and want to help but it's because most of the time people are being purposely discouraged from being actively engaged in their community. Meslin is challenging everyone to see that apathy is not a natural intrinsic characteristic and virtually doesn't exist- rather, our  frustration with running up to a brick wall (or several brick walls) leaves us severely discouraged and makes us believe that our intentions and contributions are for naught.

Guise, you should check out more TED videos on YouTube. So much interesting, informative, and mind-blowing stuff going on there. :D


  1. I AGREE! And TED is doing an event here! In Ateneo!!! U wanna go? It's this July I think. :)

    1. DOES JOELLE LIKE CHOCOLATE?? Of course I wanna go!! HNNGGGHHH

  2. UGH. tapos na pala. :( Just looked. sadness. June 16th. next year there'll be another one though :D

    1. I didn't even know TED held events here in ze Philippines. Oh well. Will just look out for the next one. :D


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