Saturday, June 23, 2012

Derpin' derp of a normal day

    Nothing extraordinary today except when Raph asked me to help him with a school project (or homework, I'm not sure). This project involved him using one of the recording studios in SDA and recording an audio of himself reading the vision-mission statement of Benilde. He has to say each sentence thrice throughout so that he'll get used to cutting and editing audio files. Since he'll be the one behind the mic, he needed someone to be the one manning the audio program in the computer and pressing a couple of buttons here and there.

Where I belong. Trololol.

Ooh knobs and buttons!

  After testing the sound and after a little help from one of the tech guys (who's been a really, really great help to us newbs), we managed to get more than half of the stuff done.

Post-recording: editing
 Raph would've preferred to record something cooler like spoken word poetry but their prof wants them to do the basics first so I guess that's the reason he's making them record something simpler.

In the corner entertaining myself.
Well, it was interesting checking out the recording studios in SDA coz it was actually my first time there. Raph and I agreed that once he's used to the whole recording process and sound editing, we'll take advantage of the recording facilities like there's no tomorrow and in between his own stuff he needs to record, I'll record songs like I own the place. MUHAHAHA.

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