Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fairly Legal- one of my reasons for procrastination

   I should be writing my papers for school but right now I'm just procrastinating like hell because... I dunno. For some reason I'm not in student mode because this entire week has been EXHAUSTING.

   I'm currently watching this awesome series called Fairly Legal.
Sarah Shahi

   Kate Reed (played by the gorgeous, smokin' hot Sarah Shahi), a former lawyer, works in her late father's esteemed San Francisco firm as a mediator because of her frustration with the legal system. Just to be clear:
     The mediator- who usually has legal and counseling background- resolves the issues as a neutral third party (instead of representing one client's interest which lawyers usually do), at best being able to make both parties meet halfway and minimizing tension without the need to escalate the situation to court. There is no need for a judge, social services, or other third party actors to decide what's best for who. Mediation is confidential and non-binding and is usually quick and relatively inexpensive.

 In between mediation, Kate juggles dealing with her sharp, no-nonsense, stepmother Lauren (Virginia Williams) who runs her father's firm,
Virginia Williams as the steel magnolia Lauren

her on-off relationship with her ex-husband Justin (played by the mouthwatering Michael Trucco),

Michael Trucco as Justin, the assistant district attorney a.k.a. Kate Reed's ex.
 and her feelings for up-and-coming attorney Ben (the charming Ben Grogan).
Ben Grogan as the rogue-ish, blatantly ambitious Ben.

Her brilliant assistant, Leo (Baron Vaughn), luckily always has her back with his own smarts and resourcefulness.
Baron Vaughn as the cool, geeky assistant Leo.

My mom and I usually bond over Fairly Legal because
a.) Law and legal terms. My mom used to be a law student and I'm taking up Consular and Diplomatic Affairs (which is technically pre-law) so this is a good show to familiarize oneself with legal terminology and cases.

b.) My mom says that I'm like Kate Reed. I am chronically late because mornings are evil, I have my own frustration with the legal system (who doesn't?), I have bouts of compulsion, of not following the rules, all because I am so caught up in trying to do the right thing, even if it means getting myself in trouble. I like establishing genuine connections rather than making connections just because it's convenient.

c.) Lauren Reed reminds me of my mom. She's not just a pretty face and can kick you around if you push the wrong buttons. She rules with an accessorized iron fist. She will use her charm and feminine wiles to attract the right people to her own benefit (with great power comes great responsibility, I tell you). She wants Kate Reed to have better work ethics and go by the rules once in awhile. She means well in her own way.

d.) It has drama. It has romance. It has comic relief. It resembles life. Kate Reed is passionate about the human condition. She's good at what she does as long as she has her caffeine.

e.) Michael Trucco.

 When I'm done watching episodes of Fairly Legal, I'll try and check out this new series titled Girls.


  1. I can give you le episodes of GIRLS! :)) And I should watch this, it sounds interesting. And ze woman is so pretty! (Sarah) :o

    1. I think I might be able to watch some episodes of Girls online. Muhahaha. I'll let you know. :D


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