Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Father's Day Gratitude Post

This will be a bit of a long post but whateverrrr. It's not everyday I have an excuse to blog about my dad. Hurhurhurhur.

This man can rock it old school but also likes hip-hop and rap.

    This is my dad! His name is Joel (thus resulting in me being Kristine Joelle written in my birth certificate. My parents are so creative.) and he's 50 years old. He used to work for Caltex and did a lot of traveling around the world. He's one of the few people a few decades ago who had those big, clunky "cellphones" that you could probably use for self-defense. Unfashionable maybe, but hey he was totally hip during his time. He met my mother when he was in her province (Pangasinan) for a business trip. My mom was a receptionist in the hotel he was staying in. And from that, my sibs and I became possibilities.

 My mom liked my dad because he ordered milk instead of alcohol, he was neat, well-groomed, hardworking and was (and still is) quite the gentleman. He was a consistent honor-roll student and graduated from Adamson University with flying colors. A few months ago he e-mailed us his grades in college. I think he was trying to tell us something.
Okieeeee expectations

  My dad wrote love letters. I read some of them and I could see where I got my penchant for writing and grammar. When my mom was pregnant with my older brother, he wrote a letter to her father expressing his intent to marry her and promising to take care of her. He was my grandma's fave son-in-law.

 I'd post pictures of my parents together but most of their pictures were taken when the interwebs didn't have any social media and it's all back in the province. I swear I swiped one of my childhood pics with my dad but I have a feeling my mom took it back from me.

 One of the things I remember well in my childhood (despite those hellish years in an all-girls Catholic school) is my dad gently waking us up early in the morning to get ready and driving us to school. This could explain why I'm so fucking grumpy every time someone wakes me up the wrong way. He worked 9 to 5 back then so when he gets home, when we'd hear his car pull up the driveway my sibs and I would run up to the door to greet him with a hug and kiss.

 Another thing I could remember was my dad was one of those people who first owned laptops. I think around grade school I learned how to e-mail (there wasn't Friendster or FB or any other social media back then) and I could even install the CD/DVD drive when I needed to.

Family man: My dad and his niece, Ella Rose. 
   My dad is currently working in Los Angeles, California. He lives with his sister's family and his parents. We haven't seen him in ages (other than the occasional YM chat and webcam) because our immigration papers are taking forever. We already hired a kickass immigration lawyer to push things but that's another story. Anyway, my dad is awesome because he likes Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men, Black Eyed Peas, Usher, and he has his FB on Timeline.
  There was one time my sibs, my dad and I were singing "Because I Got High". I forgot who sang it but looking back we must've made quite a scene coz my sibs and I were barely past puberty. Then again I could rap Lil Bow Wow's and Eminem's songs like a mofo when I was in 4th grade.

Proof of my dad's hip factor.
  I've probably mentioned this before but when my family and I were taking a 3-month vacation in states, my mom and relatives would do boring stuff like shopping. My dad and I would go around the mall looking at music stores, bookstores, and eat ice cream. And most of the time it was my dad who would be totally OK with us choosing DVD movies to watch.

If I remember correctly, my dad wouldn't let us watch any local channels coz I think he was awfully aware of the mulch called soap operas and variety shows. My dad is more quiet compared to my mom who loves socialize and talk like the perfect socialite (and I mean that in a good way). He prefers to hang out with old friends and colleagues.
Dad and relatives frolicking in ze snow
My dad never raised his voice at us and has this check-and-balance thing going on with my mom when it comes to parenting. There was one time he made my mom apologize to me when she got too harsh. That was eventful. He was (and still is) respectful of my mom and wants everyone in the house to be treated the same way. He doesn't have any vices and was especially too helpful when my mom was pregnant with one of us. I'm like "gee Papa, thanks to you and your obsession with making Mama drink so much milk I now have more teeth than usual that I have to deal with in the near future."

My fave picture of my dad. Ladies, control yourselves!!
 So as you can probably tell, I have standards that very few guys can live up to. If my dad were here, he'd probably do something cool like order pizza or have movie marathons behind my mom's back. He's the type who'd crack a joke so nonchalantly you wouldn't know if he's serious or trying to be trolololol. My dad's not perfect but he's the next best thing to being a great father.

Nothing personal, guise.

Anywho, Happy Father's Day to you Papa! I love you and thank you for everything: my childhood, your sacrifices, and for sticking by Mama through thick and thin.

And Happy Father's Day to my grandpa too!
Growing old together.


  1. I love this post, Joelle. <33 So heart-warming. I may do something similar. :) AWWWWWWWWWW HUGS HUGS HUGS! Happy Father's Day to your dad!

    1. Thanks Wina! Happy Father's Day to your dad too! :D


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