Friday, June 22, 2012

Fire In The Heart

"The soul finds many ways to express what is true about you."
- Deepak Chopra

Today, I came upon one of Deepak Chopra's book: "Fire In The Heart: A Spiritual Guide For Teens." Chopra uses storytelling to answer the four questions about spirituality:

  • Do I have a soul?
  • How do wishes come true?
  • What is the supreme force in the universe?
  • How can I change the world?

  Here's how the story goes:  On his way to school, a fifteen-year-old boy was called by an old man who is as "wizardly as Merlin, as wise as Socrates, as peaceful as Buddha." And at that point, the old man proceeds to teach the boy  the answers to the mentioned questions using riddles, stories, and tricks. The old man is called Baba (Baba is a term of respect given to someone who is deemed a wise or holy man).

 This book was written in a first-person POV, with the book cover saying that the young man was Deepak Chopra himself. This book is Chopra's first venture for YA readers.

 Honestly, I thought I wasn't going to appreciate this book because I've read Chopra's brilliant book "Peace Is The Way" so I was a bit apprehensive with how he was going to explain spirituality to teenagers. He did a great job on this and I believe this shouldn't be limited to teens.

This is the kind of book that you have to read when you're having those moments that you just want to be quiet and alone for awhile. This is the kind of book you have to read when you're recovering from a looong day of if you're feeling sick or if you're under the weather.

So for the next coming weeks or so I'll be posting quotes from the book with a reflection of my own.

And yes, I borrowed this copy from my school's LRC.

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