Saturday, June 30, 2012

Human Nature- we're not obsessed.

 Organic bath products are usually expensive and are usually imported here. So imagine how thrilled my mom and I were when we discovered Human Nature a few years ago. We didn't waste time signing up as dealers. My mom's more active in selling them though. I enjoy them more as a consumer. Lorri and her mom have signed up with Human Nature a few months ago. X)

 What I love about Human Nature is apart from the fact that it's a Philippine company that helps generate jobs for Gawad Kalinga communities (their employees are on above-minimum wage salaries if I remember correctly), their products are at least 95% natural if not 100%. The ingredients are biodegradable (will not affect the environment upon disposal) and come from renewable sources. They're against animal testing so the founders usually test their products on themselves and their family. They're recognized by PETA for this initiative.

   Don't be fooled by products that use the term "natural"- usually they just throw in natural extracts along with their usual chemical-laden ingredients. Even products that try to claim they're "organic"- be smart and check for seals that back up their claim and look at the ingredients as well.

 The only downside to Human Nature products is that some people are allergic to the natural ingredients. On the upside, Human Nature is much more affordable and it works as well as the expensive, imported organic products in the market. I love the fact that some of the Human Nature products have made their way in supermarkets and the bath and beauty sections in department stores.

Human Nature has bath products for babies too, as well as make-up designed for the Pinay complexion. I'd take pictures but I've ran out of make-up and I hope I can stock up on them soon. I only have my lip balm and face powder at the moment.

Check out their website: for their products and for the list of toxic, synthetic chemicals that you'd usually find in mainstream bath/beauty products.

You can also check out Milea All Organics if you want organic soaps and other various bath/beauty products..


  1. This is great Joelle! :) There's a Human Nature stall in the mall near my house. Imma share this on Facebook if you don't mind. :D


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