Saturday, June 23, 2012


 This is a birthday gift from my half-brother Jepoy. Well, he's not really a half-brother. He's a family friend of ours who we met during Karla's wake. Since then, my mom has claimed him as one of our own. You know how Chengly is the bastard brother to the Valdes's? Close to that. XD

For my birthday, he got me the latest comic book issue of Kikomachine.

Inside is a birthday dedication from ze author, Manix Abrera. ("Soulmate meeeeee!!")

 I love reading Kikomachine. Some people find it corny (it does have some corny moments but hello I like corny) but to me Abrera's comics are relevant, at the same time satirical. Besides, you can't go wrong with university humor in between.

All rights go to Manix Abrera.
 Check out his other comic strips in his website

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