Saturday, June 2, 2012

Local Media/Advertising Aggravation

  I'm pretty sure most of you (or at least people I know) who ever parked your derrieres in front of the TV and watched any of our local mainstream TV networks will notice that the commercials last longer than the current program showing. Its fucking annoying.

  For a good part of my summer, since our cable was disconnected and we had no internet (hey, it's the province), I had to kill time by watching GMA or ABS-CBN. Since then, I've remembered why I stopped watching all that crap they air that is obviously for the gullible masses who just eat the whole thing up. Everything is predictable, cliche', whiney, over-acted, and is hundreds of barge poles away from being slightly intellectual.
It's fucking annoying.

Anne Curtis. Singing. Really? Really? Is the audience that tone deaf? I hate her for being such a socially aware endorser of SMDC (pls note sarcasm, oh and SMDC- the "good" guys. Yeah. Totally fools any intelligent Filipino on this earth) but the network trying to pass her off as a singer?

 To her credit, she claims she's not really a singer. But then Viva Management grants her wish for a debut album AND a concert. I want to kill someone. Her voice is fucking off-key (and any professional singer/voice coach will tell you that. HELL you don't even need a professional to know she's not a singer.)

And for the love of GOD, what the hell is this???

  I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that these girls are sisters and that the girl with the light complexion has a way happier childhood while the one with the dark complexion barely gets affection but doesn't hold grudges anyway and is submissive and shit. Why the fuck do we allow networks to come up with this drivel. Regardless what the plot actually is, please. DONT. JUST DON'T.

  This is why I prefer the interwebs. Except when I have to go out, I see stuff like this.

Okay, honestly, Xian Lim is foooooiiiiiine. Like, REALLY. I would bang him. However, he does have a billboard in the province with this same picture but the words were "My kind of girl is Myra VitaWhite girl." What has the world come to? That billboard just made him sound like a shallow douchebag.
Thanks for contributing to the concept of how beauty is skin whitening deep.Sad thing is, most local celebrities don't know what the hell they're endorsing or if they even care how their endorsements affect consumers or the environment. Does Xian Lim know what the hell is in those whitening products?? If you don't know either, feel free to educate yourself by clicking on this article: Lightening Dark Skin For Beauty, Money and Cancer.


***End rant***


  1. Ugh, I know what you mean. TT_TT I hate travelling down edsa/slex because I see these goddamn ads. HAY.

    1. I see an endless parade of blinding ads and billboards when I take MRT. It's insane.


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