Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pinoy Pride: What the hell does that mean

    "Pinoy Pride" is one phrase that just annoys the hell out of me, among its variations is "Proud To Be Pinoy" or "Proud to Be Filipino."

    Everytime there's someone who's an international sensation who happens to be Filipino, half-Filipino, a quarter-Filipino, has the tiniest trace of Filipino in their genes, or even has a hint of Filipino ancestry dating five centuries ago (I'm exaggerating here but you get the picture), we just LOVE to credit this particular person's success to having Pinoy blood in their genes, never mind how hard they worked for it and the struggles and sacrifices they had to go through. And hey, never mind how creative or overrated they are, coz we'll automatically honor them for "bringing pride to our nation" and has "strengthened our sense of patriotism, unity, and love for our country." GOD. Feliciano Belmonte Jr should go in the corner and shut up.
  Examples of other "Pinoy Pride": Lea Salonga. Bruno Mars. Amber Davis. Apl de Ap. Charice Pempengco.*

  Probably the most recent star of this "Pinoy Pride" label is Jessica Sanchez. Collectively, is the inferiority complex that bad that whenever some Filipino (or anyone vaguely Filipino) is being applauded for their remarkable accomplishment that we have to stick a fuckin' label on their head with "he's one of us bitches" and proclaim ourselves  "Proud to be Filipino"?? WHY? All this "Pinoy Pride" nonsense is just surfing on the person's accomplishments that are solely her own and not for others to enroach upon. I'd be personally insulted if people supported me just because of my race. It's ridiculous. It's like, "Hey I'm Filipino, my fellow Filipinos are my number one fans. Oh, and I happen to have Chinese blood and Spanish blood too, so maybe I should be counting on my Asian neighbors and Latino friends while we're at it."

Btw, Sanchez is an American by citizenship and she's half-Mexican. And considering that she's living in a patriarchal society, one can say she's Mexican by birth.

These Pinoy Pride fanatics are hella embarassing because they have this idea in their heads that these talented-slash-brilliant people are doing what they're doing for the sake of patriotism and national pride. NO. NO THEY ARE NOT. And I can guarantee you that if Jessica Sanchez or Bruno Mars was born here and pursued their musical careers here in the Philippines, local networks will give them watered-down revivals and cover songs to record, or give them some mediocre material and call it an album. And their audience will be limited to the general masses. And you'll get sick of seeing their faces when they endorse whitening products or body sculpting.

 I'm a Filipino and I'm totally happy to be a Filipino. And it's great that my fellow Filipinos are making their mark around the world despite hard times and even some of them chose to stay and are doing their part to alleviate the crappy quality of life in the Philippines. But you won't hear me going "fuck yeah Pinoy Pride!".
The closest thing to national pride I can get is, "I wonder if they've tasted adobo or tinola. Then maybe we can be friends."

For additional enlightenment, watch the brilliant George Carlin make his point about national pride and ethnic pride.

"...coz to me, pride should be reserved for something you achieve or attain on your own. Not something that happens by accident or birth." - George Carlin

Ranting makes me hungry.

***End rant***

*I'd put Manny Pacquiao on the list because he's clearly an international sensation but he also promotes the delusional Pinoy Pride idiocy. I am biased that way.


  1. I agree a hundred percent. It's like jeeeeesus christ this is embarrassing--people are so stupid sometimes. It's like claiming to be pretty cause you have brown hair and I dunno like Emilia Clarke has brown hair. LOGICAL FALLACYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

    1. LOL LOGICAL FALLACY AT ITS BEST. If I get famous by accident or something, I will slap the hell out of anyone who says "Pinoy Pride!" ARGH

  2. I totally agree with this. There's nothing to be proud kung hindi ka naman sangkot... likas sa pinoy ang mayayabang.

  3. Here is another one about Marlisa Punzalan.. A satirical news but makes my day laughing.. lol

  4. i definitely agree.. "Pinoy pride" is Pinoy shame. Filipinos tend to be too boastful and arrogant in times like this. f****

  5. The use of the word 'PROUD' has never been a negative connotation. It's only in social media this word become an issue. This is a universal positive word, but people can easily abuse it. Attaching the word "proud" to social identity, like nationality, race, community, or in the family is part of human nature. This is what we call social norms, or the nature of humans. This type of behavior is what drives competition that yields a productive end.

    Filipinos are just the same people as anybody else in the world, they just happened to be more reactive to things compared to other nationalities (more emotive). So using the word "PROUD" in anyway is never been wrong, it even yields endorphin in brain that follows a good sense of wellbeing...and become productive in this world.


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