Monday, June 18, 2012

Scarleteen: Sex Education For The Real World

 I can't remember exactly how I came upon this website. Being pro-RH, I think this website is quite comprehensive, informative, and especially addresses the usual issues such as stuff happening to your body, anatomy, sex, sexual identity, contraception and pregnancy. It also covers medical procedures, political issues, LGBTQ, and  relationships. It's designed for teens and people in their 20's.

The website looks pretty hip, too. I took my time reading some of the articles and FAQs. It's a great site dedicated to getting the knowledge out there about any questions regarding your body, condoms, contraceptives, other birth control methods, sexual limits, sexual ideals, healthcare, pregnancy, pregnancy myths, etc. All of the articles I read here are well-written, backed up by scientific data, statistics and recent research updates.

 Click HERE to check out the site.

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