Saturday, July 7, 2012

About the video.

      I am generally happy with how my music video turned out. Coz number one- I look human. Number two, I look like a friggin' legit artist.  Btw, I am not the composer of this song. It was composed and written by this German songwriter named Myra (I have yet to confirm her last name). We bought a few songs from her, rewritten the lyrics, and recorded it in my family friend's studio (which happens to be the location of this video, trololol).

 This music video was made by Jeson Veedon and his crew of Faces Portraits, a local photography- and -video services company. He specializes in events, mostly weddings, but he's trying to expand his repertoire. Technically, I am a guinea pig here. :D

 Frankly, I haven't watched my music video in its entirety because it's just feels odd seeing myself. And I feel like I could've done better with the material. Next time maybe I could find a song that shows off my voice range. And I'm totally not that confident with my voice quality.


PS. This music video is uploaded with a friend's YouTube channel. Have yet to create my own.

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