Friday, July 27, 2012

Nomnomnom-ing we will go @ Cafe Alfonso

  Last Wednesday, my friends introduced me to this resto at The Grand Towers called Cafe Alfonso (Pablo Ocampo St). My friends and I love finding places to eat around Taft and it's always a plus if it's just near school.

     I've no idea how long this cafe' has been around but the ambience was just relaxing. It's a nice change from restos that had music or TV blasting in the vicinity. Their rice meals and pasta range from P99- P150 (or was that 160?) which is pretty good for days that I have extra cash. They also had all sorts of coffee and non-coffee drinks. They also have all shakes! And one of my friends taking up a SHRIM course said that one of the chefs there was from our school. Oooohh. We suddenly have expectations.

  The staff was polite, engaging, and TROLOLOL. This man at the counter who was taking down our orders would confirm if some of the stuff on the menu was still available and he'd crack a joke in between. I've ordered the Iced Chocolate and he asked his fellow waitstaff, "That's the hot chocolate with ice, right?" WHAT.


     We went upstairs since there wasn't much room at the ground level. We came to this.

  I love the fact that there aren't too many people and my friends and I get to have a proper conversation without having to compete with any type of noise.
My friends taking a moment to Instagram the place.

 Soon, our food was served. Just posting these pictures make me want to go back again. HURR.

Seafood pasta.

Daing na bangus.

One of their sandwiches.

Iced Chocolate.

There's this other resto I want to blog about but I want it to remain hipster at the moment. XD

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