Thursday, July 26, 2012


In INTRELA (International Relations) class taught by our professor who's an ambassador:

Classmate: Sir, can you tell us your opinion about the recent SONA?

Prof: Oh, I didn't watch it coz it's the same old thing. Maybe next year.


At home, I was trying to study while my mom goes on and on gossiping with her friend on her cellphone. Was doing my best not to eavesdrop on their conversation when I heard my mom sigh, "wala nang mga matitinong lalaki para sa mga babaeng anak ko." (There are no more decent men for my daughters).




Trying not to panic coz our DSL at home got disconnected. We forgot to pay our bill. And this is an essential week that I wanted to dedicate to research for my final papers and presentations. Graaahhh. Thank God for net shops.


  1. Thank God indeed! :) And your mom--HAHAHAHA WHAT. :)) So funny!

    1. I am thankful I have school because it helps me get away from those weird conversations between my mom and her friends. XD


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