Sunday, July 22, 2012

For The Love of John Green.

****The Fault In Our Stars SPOILER ALERT****

A few weeks ago.

Sam: Can you recommend me any good books?

Me: You should check out John Green's books: Looking For Alaska, The Fault In Our Stars, Paper Towns... for you, I think you should start with The Fault In Our Stars.

Sam: What's it about?

Me: It's about this girl named Hazel and she has cancer. Then she meets this guy Augustus, who also has cancer...

Sam: Oh, is this a sad book? Someone's going to die?  Coz if it is...

Me: Noooo. It has romance and a really great ending. You should read it!



Sam's text:

YOU LIED TO ME!! YOU SAID NO ONE WILL DIE! BUT AUGUSTUS DIED!! :(( And I am effin crying right now! :((((


 Technically, I think it does have a great ending even if it's quite bittersweet.


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