Monday, July 30, 2012

Human Nature Junkie

Their interior makes me feel like a woodland fairy.
    Last Friday, my mom, bro, and I went to the head branch of Human Nature at Commonwealth to return a bottle of organic shampoo that had suddenly expired way before its expiration date indicated on it. I had emailed Human Nature a week ago about it and they told me to return the product to them for testing and said they'd be happy to give a replacement.

 I haven't been back at the head branch for ages so it was a pleasant surprise that they had moved to a building just beside their old office and the interior and exterior had a makeover. There's even a cafe' at the second floor though I have yet to check it out.

For those who don't know, Human Nature is a social enterprise brand of natural and organic personal care and make-up products. It's affordable and Philippine-made but works just as well as their foreign, more-expensive counterparts. It supports Filipino farmers and Gawad Kalinga. I also love the fact that are certified cruelty-free by PETA!

   I've signed up as a dealer a few years back (though I'm not so active as I'd like to be) so if you look through our bathroom and our dresser, you'd see Human Nature products all lined up. WE'RE NOT OBSESSED I SWEAR.

HN has personal care products for everyone, including babies. It's also safe for pregnant women.

  Their head branch has a more earthy/ethereal feel to it. It has a relaxing atmosphere, largely illuminated by natural lighting.

    What I love about this make-up corner is that it's only right that they positioned it beside the window where you can see how the make-up looks on you at daylight. Professional make-up artists often recommend that when you're trying on make-up (foundation, concealer, lipstick, etc), you must step out into the daylight because you'll be able to accurately distinguish if make-up does blend well with your complexion or if it's the right color for you.

Make-up corner for testers

Then there's me. Hola!

 And this corner, some sort of lobby I suppose, where you can wait or discuss things with your fellow dealers and your downline, complete with coffee and snacks.

  So I got my replacement shampoo while my mom bought more Human Nature stuff to stock at home. Seriously guys, one does not simply buy one HN product. YOU BUY IN BULK.


  1. Wow this seems pretty awesome Joelle! :o Take me there one time please!!! And let's try that cafeee


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