Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Things From The Train

    I have an uncle who works in train maintenance in the US. Usually they "sweep" the trains after each route and they usually find stuff people drop or accidently leave behind. I dunno if they put the things in the lost & found (do they even have those??) but what my uncle does is that he gives some of the things to us.

 My uncle finds the usual handkerchief, umbrella, or USB. But sometimes he finds electronic gadgets, iPods, sunglasses, cellphones, etc. It's like how the hell do people lose these things??

 As a result, I now own a secondhand Kindle.

Kindle is a great gadget but I still pity the person who lost this. I have mixed feelings.

 And I have more sunglasses than I need. My mom kept the really cool designer sunglasses.

The first one at the top is my favorite.

For the record, even with Kindle giving me the convenience of being able to have hundreds of books with just a touch of a few buttons, I still like books. That way, whenever I read something awesome, I can lend it to anyone who wants to read it.


  1. THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!! But yeah poor person who lost it! But...AWESOME!!!


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