Sunday, July 8, 2012

What we can learn from spaghetti sauce

        As some of you may know, Malcolm Gladwell is the author of "Blink", "The Tipping Point", "Outliers" and "What The Dog Saw." I particularly admire Gladwell not only because of his works, but because the very fact that he pays attention to the little, interesting things, and be able to spot patterns that no one else bothers to notice led to his great works.
       Malcolm Gladwell breaks our social assumptions about relevant things in our daily lives by combining his interest for research and his interest in collecting interesting stories: Gladwell breaks society's perception of what makes one a "sucess." He tries to see things from a dog's perspective. He tries to uncover why there is one particular community whose individuals live long healthy lives and are solely dying from old age, despite their conventionally "unhealthy" diet and not-so-physical lifestyle. He researched on why there are more variations of mustard but only one type of ketchup. And Gladwell isn't a boring storyteller.

 So far, I've only read "Outliers". Fortunately, since I have a Kindle, I was able to download all of his works and after I'm done with schoolwork, I will be mentally masticating on his lovely observations and research. It's going to be an emotional break from my recent obsession with John Green books.

 PS. He's the only legit genius who can rock that kind of hair in this century

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