Thursday, August 16, 2012

Adam Sevani Appreciation Post

 He's partly the reason why I insist on going to movie theaters whenever a Step Up movie comes out.

His character's name is Moose. And when Moose starts to dance, I start to wonder why he doesn't have his own Step Up movie.

I particularly like this dance between Adam Sevani and Alyson Stoner because I friggin' love the chemistry between them and the old school dancing combined!! I prefer this over the usual "sex-on-the-dance-floor" dances between couples. IT'S SO SWEET.

Step Up is not Step Up without Moose.

I don't care how hot the other main characters of Step Up are. Moose has personality, charm, and can totally outshine them if they let him.


  1. This is awesome! :) Aaaand I love his hair.

    1. I'll force Raph to grow out his hair and then make him take up hip-hop ZOMG XD XD XD


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