Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What A Looong Day.

Because most of the Western Union branches in my area are closed, I braved the weather to take the MRT to North Ave, knowing my chances of getting my money in the Trinoma branch was much higher. I was getting sick of negotiating with the corn beef here so it was nice to get out of the condo. By the time I got to the platform, rain was literally whiplashing the area.

View from Q. Ave station.

Very few people were at the train station for obvious reasons. I could only imagine how many people are still stranded in their homes, how many are stuck in temporary shelters, how many are displaced, while I was just safe and dry in my condo keeping vigil of disaster efforts and relief operations so I'd know what to do once I have my relief goods collected.

First meal of the day.

I arrived in Trinoma around lunchtime. There weren't a lot of people, though when I checked the cinemas, there were long lines. Seriously? People's homes are submerged and some people want to watch The Bourne Legacy?? (Then again JEREMY RENNERRRRR)

First thing I did when I got my money was grab brunch at Jollibee. After, I went home and went to the nearby grocery to buy relief goods. Mostly I bought stuff for personal hygiene because these are commonly overlooked stuff for flood victims.

Sanitary napkins, bath soaps, toothpastes, toothbrushes, laundry detergent, isopropyl alcohol, and drinking water.
It's not much but it's what my student budget can stretch on.

My mom will kill me if she finds out I used up a good chunk of my money for relief goods. Maybe I should contact my dad. :D Hoping Benilde's relief drive will commence soon.

  For no reason, I decided to go out and look for affected areas in neighbouring streets AGAIN. (The first time I explored the neighborhood for floods, there was nothing happening.) I borrowed a
 small umbrella from one of the guards in my building and ventured out into the torrential rains. Guys, walking in heavy rains is one thing- but walking through TORRENTIAL rains feels like needles on the skin.

   I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures coz I'm only using the camera in my phone. These pictures were taken around 4pm-5pm today.

Tomas Morato Ave. near Il Terrazo building

Ankle-deep from where I'm taking ze pics.

Flooding to the sidewalks

One of the streets near Tomas Morato ave. was literally flowing with water.

Currents are strong here. Don't ask me how I know.

 I'm not sure exactly how long I was walking around my area, taking pictures but let me tell you that I was far from miserable. My only problem was that I don't have a dependable stamina. It's one thing to explore your neighborhood on foot, it's another thing to explore it trudging through floodwaters.
At this point, I can feel water in my rainboots.
Sct. Borromeo
Further end of Sgt. Esguerra st, corner of M. Ignacia

Then from Tomas Morato Ave., I decided to take the long way home, which was to pass through Mother Ignacia st. The whole stretch of Mother Ignacia wasn't flooded- the end of M. Ignacia st. connecting to EDSA road, however, was closed because it has turned into a river. Near the corner of M. Ignacia st. was the further end of Sgt. Esguerra st., which looked like you can go white water rafting through.

End of Mother Ignacia st connecting to EDSA

Barangay officials re-directing an ambulance to a safer route.

So yeah, after this little adventure I got home and took a loooooong shower. Our school has extended suspension of classes til tomorrow. Several more cities announced state of calamity.

I want hot chocolate and a snuggle buddy. Oh look, my pillow volunteered.


  1. Hahaha I love how you're so chill about this

    1. My umbrella did nothing to protect me from torrential rains! XD I was able to drop off my relief goods at SDA today.


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