Saturday, August 4, 2012

Because procrastinate.

12 things I'd rather be doing right now than finishing all my reports and presentations (which is due next week OH GOD let this be over)

*Clean the toilet with Coca-Cola. Don't judge me, it works.

*Have a Will Ferrel movie marathon.


*Read all news and articles about the RH bill. For my overall opinion about this (includes sources and news articles), click HERE.

*Browse personal, fashion, and/or artistic blogs. That includes Wina, Mikie, Emily, Isa, and many more.

*Browse wedding ideas in Pinterest because the concepts are actually fun, elegant, and original. Even though I have no plans to get married.

*Lie in bed. Stare at ceiling. Contemplate about life, the universe, and how my parents are going to kill me for procrastinating.

*Play Botanicula. Again.

*Blog about things I'd rather do than finish school requirements.

*Sort out my music files.

*Wash dishes with hip-hop music on full blast.

*Practice numerology and make angel cards.

*Fantasize about Jeremy Renner. The guy can SING. Click HERE for le sexytime for your ears. (Unfortunately, this clip isn't available on YouTube. Thus the link.)
Me after listening to his voice.


Okay I'm done letting all the procrastination vibes out. Will resume on paperwork tomorrow.

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