Sunday, August 12, 2012

Clothes Galore

     A break from my serious/opinionated posts to talk about the clothes our relatives have sent from states! I am thrilled and a huuuuge thanks for my aunts/uncles.

I have a thing for the preppy look.
Fact: I don't like shopping. Treading around the mall and trying on outfits from different boutiques is not my idea of fun. I usually have more motivation to shop if it's for friends or my brothers, but shopping for myself is an endeavor I'd rather not go through unless it's ultimately necessary.

So I'm always glad when relatives come bearing pasalubong, especially clothes, because they always have a general idea of what I like to wear and they know my size. And usually the first thing I do when I get new clothes from them is that I take a deep whiff of the fabric. You know how clothes from states have this distinct smell that it is from states? (I think only my fellow Filipinos can relate to this lol). I find the smell addictive. Could be my colonial mentality or the fact it reminds me of my summer vacation in 2003, I wouldn't know.


Forgive the wrinkles, it came straight off the box.
I suppose I can say that I don't really have one style. Though most of my friends I often look hipster. There are days I go for the hippie vibe. There are days I just feel like wearing a tee and a pair of jeans. Other days I feel extra girly. I have no problem showing some skin, though my school dress code usually prevents me from doing that, so some of us Benildeans have to be really creative with our outfits. It depends on my mood, really. But if you ask me, I'm usually quite comfortable with jeans, boots, and a comfy top.

My new favorite tee!

Retro vibes.

Romantic tee is romantic
I have a feeling the glitter will wear off in a few weeks

I like my clothes fitting or snug on me. :) My bro got some clothes of his own too but he's more thrilled about his huge jar of Nutella. 

Vampy lace is vampy.

For cooler days


And now I shall attack the chip cookies that came with our pasalubong.

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  1. I can definitely relate to that smell and the joy a balikbayan box can bring. :) Also ooohlala that top is cray vampy! :))


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