Thursday, August 30, 2012

Exercise, I Have Missed Thee

  So I was going through the drawers and closet in my place when I noticed my mom left her gym outfits. Guess who got busy working out?

   This youtube vid here is one of the intense workouts by the gorgeous and delightful Amanda Russell that I decided to integrate in my routine even though halfway through the workout, I was all "holy shit motherfather fuckin ballsacks putanginaputanginaputangina." I wasn't able to finish the entire routine but the goal is to work on it everyday until I complete it. Thanks to the wonderful Liza for introducing me to Amanda Russell's workout. Liza likes to blog about good, healthy food and is passionate about healthy living. I also heard she's a great cook though I have yet to see (or taste) for myself.

 There's a gym here in my building and a pool right in front of it. I've been neglecting physical exercise because of school so I decided to get back to the habit of working out. Working out and proper exercise got rid of my back aches, made PMS and menstrual cramps totally non-existent and it regulated my period. It also gave me a pep in my step and a natural high to get me through the day.

  There came a time though that I was worried that even though working out felt good, it wasn't good for me because not only is my metabolism lightning fast, I don't exactly have muscle mass either. I didn't want to work myself into skeletal form. So I consulted first with my long-time guy friend, Dondi. He's currently residing in the U.S. and he was kind enough to give me some advice and tips on the matter through FB chat.

Apparently he also had the same dillema with the speedy metabolism thing. He works out because of his job as a model so he has to be fit at the same time not too big and bulky. He does not have a blog though I think he should make one. He can cook, write poems, and he's taking up Marine Biology as his major. Ladies, control yourselves. He's taken.

Dondi: Lean, mean, workout machine.

So yes, I worked off my butt today and I have a feeling I won't be able to feel my legs tomorrow.

 I am craving for another oat drink at Oat Square but it's much too late to get one so I think I shall grab one first thing tomorrow. After all, I need fiber. Fiberrrrrr.

 I should start carving out a proper fitness routine for myself soon.

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