Sunday, August 5, 2012

Greater Good: The Science of A Meaningful Life

 Taking a short break from all my research! This week, I've stumbled into this cool blog while doing my research for International Political Geography and International Organization. The funny thing is, I don't exactly remember how long I've been link-hopping for my research and what links led me to the sites but whateverrr.

 Greater Good: The Science of A Meaningful Life by the University of California, Berkeley.
Science and good vibes.

  The website is dedicated to scientific research into social and emotional well-being. It's full of optimism and strives to explore the altruism, empathy, and healthy well-being of the human race from a psychological and sociological perspective. I could read their articles all day. But I got schoolwork to finish at the moment.

 Meanwhile, check out this article from this website: Can Science Make Facebook More Compassionate? Spoiler: Nothing like science to help smooth out communication problems in social networking sites.

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