Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy birthday, Piglet!

 Happy birthday to mah little sister, Trish, who turns 20 years old today!


Fun facts about my sister:

She's a Miriam college student. She wanted to take up Mass Communication at first but quickly changed her mind at the last minute to apply for International Studies. This was around the same time I applied to Benilde's Consular and Diplomatic Affairs program.

Mi hermana y su amiga, Shera.

She likes milk tea a little too much.

I think she's the most organized one among my sibs.

She likes to experiment with food in the kitchen because she's a foodie that way.

Yo y mi hermana. Picture taken by Shenell.
I'd say "Pocahontas" and she'd insist it's "Kupohontas" when we were toddlers.

We both have a love for music and musical theatre.
Musical theatre recital.

Vain since birth, as you can see in this childhood pic right here. :D

Born this way.
She's also my partner in crime during gigs and recordings.
At a beach wedding.

LOL funny thing was my sis and I weren't even that close when we were toddlers coz she was quite bratty and it was so annoying when she cries. And we'd get in fights coz she was so effin' stubborn. I think we only got close during our high school years, partly coz I'm forced to share a room with her. Trololol.

 Anyway, happy 20th birthday Piglet! WHERE IS MY RED VELVET CUPCAKE.


  1. I just read this now. :) Wow, it must be so cool to have a sister pretty close to you in age!!! :D Happy bday (belated) to your sis!


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