Monday, August 6, 2012

House Ends RH Bill Debate.

      So yeah, while writing my part for the group paper for International Organization, I was surprised that the congress decided to vote for the end of the Reproductive Health bill's interpellation today instead of the original date scheduled, Aug. 7, considering that 231 representatives were already there.

  And of course, the anti-RH solons were protesting about the turnout of events, asking why they're in a hurry. I mean, honestly?? What more do they have to debate about? They've already been going about this for YEARS. Probably the highlight of the session was Rep. Bagatsing's statement:

 "Aug. 7 is not Aug. 6. Malas po ang 6. Ang 6 ang numero ng demonyo." ("Aug. 7 is not Aug. 6. 6 is a bad luck number. The number 6 is the number of the devil.") Yeah, yeah. You know what else is bad luck? People like you in the government.

  In the end, the ayes have it and that means the debates on RH bill have ended and we can finally move on to making amendments.

 Of course, the battle is only half-won.

Keepin' tabs at the Rappler live blog.

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