Friday, August 10, 2012

How To Have "Benilde Accent Slang" (updated)

  For the most part, I'm not even pissed but my first reaction was OH NO SHE DIDN'T. And it seems like she's trying to be funny, but the whole video just crashes and burns. I have an inkling she's trying to make some sort of spin-off to Petra Mahalimuyak's "How To Be a Konyo" vid. Captain Hook WTF. Slightly entertaining to watch, but I won't be surprised if she'd get so many haters. Plus, her username "TheMassterBaiter" already clues you in how her brain works.

 Yes, I know some people who talk like that- but only a handful (and frankly, they're a bit annoying). They don't even make up half the population of the student population. Most Benildeans have a neutral English accent, if not excellent English accents, and you can have intelligent conversations with them for hours. Yes, some of us struggle in our Tagalog/Filipino language, but I can guarantee that you'll find some of our students will make your nose bleed with impeccable Filipino language skills.

 And I'm sorry if my Spanish/Japanese/French accent gets in the way because some of our courses require us to learn foreign languages intensively.

 So it's unfair to make a statement claiming that this "accent slang" is of Benildean origin.

And really, she chose an institution to make this generalization?

Seriously, people just posting without thinking on the interwebs these days.

And now for an intelligent, enlightening reply on the issue by a Benildean Alumni, Nonito Cabrera. 



  2. I have yet to watch the videos but, just why would she do that—

    I can't. (And this is not the good sort of 'I can't.')

    1. You should watch the reply video instead. It's worth your time. XD


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