Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Keep Calm and DFTBA

     After classes, I went to DLSU because Jonnah needed singers/performers for her TV Production class project. It was a huge group effort- 15 of them, all in all- and it was great to see Jonnah in her element, owning up to her role as director in the project. 15 is considered a small number for the production they have to do and everything is due this coming Friday!

  While I waited for my turn, I basked in the teamwork, camaraderie, and Jonnah nearly rolling on the floor with happiness when she gets a really good shot of a performance while giving instructions to the other members who are in another room- the studio- to get good angles and panning.

Caffeine-induced Jonnah is happy.
  I could see the stress that came in this type of project- the time pressure (because they only have how many hours to do everything before another group uses the studio), the film used (or went unused because of mistakes and cuts), the talents they have to get aside from me (Jonnah even got someone she met via Twitter. Oh Jonnah.), and to make sure that everything is just quality.

So guise, if ever I'm studying in DLSU and I'm in a class with Jonnah, I will fight to the death just to have her as one of my groupmates. Because a.) she's a nerdfighter, b.) she's detail-oriented and c.) she works her goddamn ass off, even if it means chugging buckets of Starbucks coffee.

On a totally unrelated note, she loves my rings.
Director Jonnah directing.

For sounds/recording.

  After they filmed my performance, I hung out for awhile longer. The whole thing came to the point where the members who took the role as hosts for the pseudo-musical variety TV show couldn't decide what to do,   the camera crew inside the studio weren't replying to the director, and the producer (John, I think?) sternly said something like, "guys, we're wasting time and we're wasting film." Then one member snapped back at him and practically bursted into tears. We were like:

 And he was like, "oooohhh shit, I did one thing I'm not supposed to do." After a few moments, he called for a break to talk to the girl. While he was gone, Jonnah, a classmate of hers, and I continued on our conversation. Jonnah was laughing when she suddenly had a panic attack. It took a few seconds to comprehend what was happening to her until it dawned to me that she was having a panic attack. She wheezed for a paper bag. Her classmate and I were like "paper bag! But where??"
  We found a paper bag- a rather big shopping bag made of paper but WTH- and gave it to her. We also got her some water. She eventually calmed down. I was like, "everytime I go to a shoot with you, you always have some sort of attack happening." One of their groupmates who witnessed all the drama quipped: "does anyone have a joke??"

 The producer eventually called for a meeting.

Best part is, all this shenanigan is a normalcy in the TV production world. :D

Lol Jonnah noticed I did the nerdfighter gang sign in the video after I've left. DFTBA guise. And BREATHE.

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