Monday, August 27, 2012

Why You Will Fail To Have A Great Career

    In which Larry Smith gives a haunting discussion of how excuses will run the course of our lives and why most of us will fail to have a great career. He lists down the number of excuses that we come up with and have embedded in our consciousness. He marvels at how people are quite creative with coming up with excuses against pursuing their dreams and passions:

"Great careers are... for most people, a matter of luck. "

"There are special people who pursue their passion but they're geniuses."

"I would do this but...I'm not weird."

"But I value human relationships."

The list goes on.

I think what hits closest to home is Larry Smith's statement about people using human relationships as an excuse not to fulfill one's passion because a.) it gives us a mindset that we're "heroes" in this concept and b.) it makes the people closest to you feel like they're your roadblocks to your dreams. WHICH SUCKS.

    I can relate to this a lot because my mom is a big fan of this excuse. "I would've been a lawyer but you guys came along and I wanted to raise you blahblahblah". I'm grateful that my mom was able to raise us but recently this excuse is spilling over to other opportunities coming her way and now it's just painful when she decides not to pursue things because she wants to be a "good mother." As if me and my sibs aren't going to grow up and pursue our own goals that involves not being around or would completely differ from her expectations.

  I'll be damned if I use human relationships to not pursue my passion. Shouldn't human relationships be the reason why you should pursue your passion??

    Like "I'm gonna be a lawyer so that I can tell my kids to go for their dreams like I did and they can look up to me when they have their own dreams." Or "I'm gonna pursue my dream career so that my family has something to fallback on in case something happens to my husband." Or "I'm gonna pursue my passion for my own sanity so that I can get along well with people who actually have fulfilled their dreams instead of being bitter/regretful around them." Or "I'm gonna work hard and pursue my dreams so I can marry my girlfriend/boyfriend." Maybe even, "I'm gonna pursue my dreams because it would make me happy, thus making everyone else around me happy."

Anyway, Larry Smith relays his message much better than I can ever do so please watch the video. Enjoy!

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