Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Metro Manila Still On Red Alert

More than 20k people displaced from their homes. Number still growing.

Araneta Ave.

Low lying storm clouds over Metro Manila
Taft Ave. road beside Rizal Park has turned into a river.
San Fernando intersection

UST medical hospital is flooded until the 2nd floor. Staff and patients still short on food supply.

*Pictures of Manila from FB accounts

Classes have been suspended today. Suspension is extended til tomorrow. Several towns and cities have announced being under state of calamity.

Many schools and business establishments have turned into temporary shelters and evacuation centers.

Quick Ways To Donate: Social networking sites, local businesses, TV networks and other institutions all stepped up to do their part. You can also donate through Red Cross Philippines.

Even Neil Gaiman extends his sympathies and help to the country!

Animal rights organizations also offer their help.
I could post more stuff about other relief organizations springing up. Some hospitals are running on generators, relief goods are scarce in some evacuation centers. Landslides have occured in Commonwealth area. The government can only do so much and I'm quite proud a lot of our fellowmen are stepping up. Let's face it, we need help from our other kababayans and international neighbors.

Manila 'like Waterworld', says PH disaster chief.
Marikina river overflows and floods villages


As I type this, heavy rains and thunderstorms continue rage on. When the weather improves (hopefully by tomorrow), I'll see what I can help with or if there's some stuff I can swipe from my place that nobody will miss. :) Take care everyone! You can read Everyday Isa's take on the ongoing crisis HERE.

P.S. Hope the weather calms down soon coz I only have P100 in my wallet and I have yet to get my allowance at Western Union. Hope they're open by tomorrow so I can at least buy relief goods and go to PAWS.

Tweets tweets tweets

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